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Russian dinner with family


2,5 to 3 hour dinner with Russian family.

Do you enjoy cozy family evenings with interesting talks about everything and homemade food? Or maybe you have ever thought to experience the taste of authentic Russian cuisine? Do you already know everything about Saint-Petersburg and Russia? Or maybe you’ve had enough of eating out? We know what match you perfectly! A home hosted meal with a Russian family. The menu includes welcome drink, appetizers, starter, soup, main course, deserts and drinks. We would be happy to show you world-famous Russian hospitality, tell you everything we know about Russian history and culture and share our passion for cooking!

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  • Russian salad Oliviey with boiled veal 


  • Borsch - beet soup with veal


  • Siberian pelmeni with meat


  • Beef Stroganof with boiled potatoes


  • Homemade sweet pie


  • Traditional herbal tea
  • Homemade fruit drink 
  • Russian Vodka
  • Russian Red wine
  • Russian Sparkling wine

And much more that you couldn't get anywhere else

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BEST PRICE GUARANTEED - This is a 2.5 - 3 hour homemade dinner with Russian family. This kind of dinner is a great way to get to know Russian culture and life. 

Durring this dinner you will discover the world of Russian back up culture and authentic traditional cuizine. 

2.5 hour dinner with welcome drink, appetizers, soup, main cource, desert and drinks.

You can make your reservation by sendind us a requery form. Please specify date, time and number of people.

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