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Create your own tour


​Now you have an oppotunity to escape all the attractions that you don't like to visit durring your stay at Saint Petersburg. 

Just tell us what you would like to attend and we create your own tour to Saint Petersburg.







Tour Creator

Project Details




You could chose:

  • amount of days
  • rooftop 
  • beer/wine tasting              
  • food tasting
  • cooking class
  • matreshka painting class
  • walking city tour
  • river crouse  
  • fishing tour
  • hunting tour
  • bicycle city tour
  • city quest
  • draw bridge tour
  • ski tour
  • wheel chear accessible tour


  • Hermitage
  • Tsars Village (Amber room)
  • Peterhof
  • Faberge
  • St. Isak's
  • Savior on Split Blood
  • Stroganof Palace
  • Jusupov Palace
  • Grand Model of Russia
  • Erarta Museum of Modern Art
  • Karelia tour
  • Novgorod tour
  • Mandrogi tour

If you know something that you didn't find in our list just ask us.

Have any questions? Write us now!